Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger asked the fans for a new challenge after 22 years

Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger asked the fans for a new challenge after 22 years of failure. The players are in the best shape of their lives and are ready to do their best in any match.

The new season will see the continuation of the Arsenal’s winning streak. The team will be able to demonstrate its maximum in the Premier League, as well as in the Europa League.
The team has a good opportunity to win the champion title. The main competitors of the Gunners are Manchester City, Chelsea, and Liverpool. The latter two teams have already won the Premier league.
However, the team of Wenger is stronger than its rivals. The club is able to achieve the desired result thanks to the following factors:
1. Excellent selection of players. The Gunners have the best selection of defenders, midfielders, and strikers in the league. The current season is a continuation of this trend, as the team has already managed to strengthen the positions of the leaders.
2. Tactical flexibility. The Arsenal has a large number of players who can play in different positions. The coach uses this flexibility to achieve a good result.
3. Individual skills of the players. Wenger’ team has the best players in the team, who are able to decide the fate of the match in their own favor.
All the above factors have helped the Gunner to win so many trophies in a row. It is the best chance for the team to win gold medals in the future.
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Upcoming Matches
The upcoming season of the English Premier League is the most interesting in recent years. The top four teams of the championship will fight for the title. Among them, Arsenal is the main contender for the victory.
It is worth noting that the Gun club is in the strongest shape of its career. The previous season, the players managed to win a place in the Champions League zone. However, the club did not succeed in the group stage of the tournament, and the main goal of the season was not achieved.
In the current season, Arsenal will be the main favorite of the fight for gold medals. The following factors will help the club to achieve its goal:
* Excellent selection and playing of the main leaders of the club. The leaders of Arsenal are:
• Lukasz Zaluska;
• “Wenger”;
* “Nacho”.
* “Monaco”, who is a young player who is ready to become a star.
• The experienced players who are ready for the fight against the main contenders for the gold medals, such as Manchester City and Liverpool, as they are able not only to score points, but also to create a good chance of winning the match.

At the same time, the Gun team is the strongest in the world. The strong points of the squad include:
· Excellent teamwork.
· “Arsenal” players are able, despite the fact that they are in a new team, to find a solution to the problems of the opponents.
“Arsenal 1” is ready for every match, as its players are ready not only for the defensive game, but for attacking as well. The squad of Wenger has a great chance to win all the trophies of the Premier and Champions Leagues.
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Live Results of English Premier
The current season of English premier league is very interesting. The teams are fighting for the champion titles. Among the main competitors are: Manchester City; Liverpool; Chelsea; Arsenal.
Among the top 4, the Arsenal is in a good shape. The fans are expecting a lot from the team. The last season, it managed to reach the Champions league zone. The fact that it is in such a strong condition is due to the fact the following conditions have been created:
● Great selection of the strongest players.
● “Gunners” have a large amount of players, who can be used in different situations.
This allows the coach to choose the most effective players for each match. This allows the team not only the defense, but the attack as well, which is very important for the success of the game.
At this time, it is not known whether the team will succeed in reaching the Champions cup zone. It can be said that the team is ready not to lose points in the matches against the opponents who are stronger.
Arsenal’ players are very confident and are able confidently to win. The new season of EPL will see a lot of interesting matches, and it is easy to follow their results on the site of sports data.
Main Intrigues of Season
The main intrigue of the current English Premier league is the fight between Manchester City. The Citizens have a good chances of winning it, as their main competitors include: Chelsea; Liverpool.

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