Best five Premier League players in 9 games

The Premier League is a top-rated football tournament that is held every year. It is a real competition that attracts the best football players from around the world. The Premier League has a lot of stars that can be found in the starting line-up of the team.
The English Premier League season has just started, and it is already clear that the main favorites of the tournament are Manchester City and Liverpool. The teams are the favorites of every single match, and the main goal of the fans is to follow the results of the games.
However, the Premier League doesn’t only have the best players, but also the worst ones. It’s very difficult to distinguish the best from the worst, because there are many of them. The following list of the best and worst players of the Premier league will help you to find out the real strength of the teams.

The list of Premier league players
The best players of this season are:
* Riyad Mahrez;
* Sadio Mane;
* Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.
These players are able to score a lot and have a lot to prove. They are able not only to score, but to create a lot as well.
In the list of best players you can find the following:
1. Riyad. He is able to make a lot from the start of the game, and he is able not to miss a single ball.
2. Sadio. He has a good understanding with the coach of the club and is able always to find a good solution to the problem.
3. Aubamegy. He can score a goal and create a good game.
4. Mane. He always finds a good opportunity to score.
5. Tammy Abraham. He scores a lot, and his game is very effective.
6. Theo Hernandez. He scored a lot in the first half of the season, and now he is one of the leaders of the Manchester City.
7. James Milner. He was a great player in the Premier.
8. Ben Yedmiston. He became a leader of the Arsenal.
9. Nacho Monreal. He plays for the Spanish club and scored a great goal.
10. Mason Mount. He also became a great leader of Manchester United.
11. Mason du Preez. He played for the club for a long time and is a good player.
12. Gedion Zelalem. He had a good season, but now he has left the team and is playing for the Turkish club.
13. Callum Hudson-Odoi. He left the club, and after that he is playing in the Championship.
14. Anthony Modric. He joined the club from the Royal club, but he is not a good leader.
15. Sadio Mané. He made a lot for the team, and this is one reason why he is in the list.
16. Riyad is the main star of the list, but there are also other players in the team that can play well. For example, Pierre-Emile Aubamey.
17. Tammy. She is a great striker, and she is able score a good number of goals.
18. Willian. He’ll be a great star of this team. He won the champion title with the Royal Club.
19. Harry Maguire. He started well, but after that the team lost its shape.
20. Riyaz. He came from the same team, but his game isn’ t as good as the others.
21. Lo Celso. He doesn� ’ t play well, and so he is a bad player. He needs to improve his game.
22. Mason. He didn’’tt play well in the Champions League, and for that he needs to do a lot.
23. David Silva. He just came from a good team, so he needs a lot more time to improve.
24. Mason de Jong. He got a good chance, but it didn� ’t work out.
25. Harry. He “ s a l e g o f m i n d u r b y . He is a very good player, but the club doesn”t trust him.
26. James. He isn” t a good striker, but if he plays well, he can become a leader. He also needs to work a lot on his game, because he can’ ’ t play for the main team. This is the list that will help to find the real strengths of the clubs.
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