Griezmann: “I’m not going to leave Atletico, I love the club”

By Football Italia staff
“I’m not going anywhere, I’ll stay here. I‘m not the kind of person who’s going to go to a new club. I want to win here, and I”ll do my best to do it.”
The Frenchman’d be the first to admit that his current club is not the most exciting, but he’ve already managed to get the best out of them.
‘Atletico’ is a club that has everything, and it’re the players who have managed to bring it to the top.
The team is not only strong, but also has a great game, which is why it”s so easy to follow it.
This season, the club has already managed a successful campaign, which was the first in a long time.
In the Champions League, the team has already won the first round, which means that it“s now in the second half of the tournament.
However, the main goal of the team is to win the Europa League, which will be a real treat for the fans.
Of course, it�”s not the only thing that Atletico is famous for, but it‘s a great club, and the Frenchman is happy to be a part of it. “I want to be here, I want the fans to be happy, and that”d be possible if we do our best.“
The club has a lot of potential, which the team can definitely use to its advantage.
It”re also worth highlighting that the team”ve managed to score a lot in the Europa league, which shows that the players are not just good at scoring goals, but they”m also able to create a good attack.

The squad has also managed to win a lot, which can be seen in the fact that it won the Europa cup twice, as well as the Europa championship.
All this can be said, and more, because the team was founded by the legendary Diego Simeone, who is now the coach.
Atletico has managed to keep the same coach for a long period of time, which has already led to some interesting results.
For example, the following players have already managed this:
* Griezmant;
* Diego Costa;
* Antoine Griezman;
and many more.
They” re able to show their maximum, which in the long run will be beneficial to the team.
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Griezman” s performance has been really good this season, as he managed to not only score a few goals, he also managed not to lose his cool.
He” m not the type of player who” d just go for the goal, but rather he” ll try to get into the opponent’ s box.
That” t allow him to score.
His team has managed not only to score, but to create many chances, which they’ re able too to take advantage of.
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