Is Dembele worth the money for Barcelona?

The summer transfer window has come to its end, and it has brought a lot of interesting news for fans of the Spanish La Liga. Barcelona is the main contender for the title, but the team is in a constant struggle for the top-4 places. The team has a good lineup, but it lacks a certain stability.

The main rival of Barcelona is Real Madrid. The Royal Club is still the main candidate for the champion title, and this is the reason why the team has been able to win the title for so long. The main problem for the Meringues is the lack of motivation. The players are tired of losing the title and of not getting a place in the Champions League zone.
In the summer, the team got a lot from the transfer market, but not everything was successful. The most obvious success was the acquisition of the young German player, Lewandowski. The player is a great addition to the team, and the club can now focus on the fight for the domestic and European cups.
Will the team be able to compete with the leaders of the Old Continent?
The season of the Champions’ League has come and gone, and we can see that the main contenders for the victory in the next season are the following clubs:
* Manchester City;
* Liverpool;
* Bayern;
and, of course, Real Madrid, which has won the title in the previous season.
The new season of this tournament promises to be interesting, because the main favorites are not the best teams from the Old World, but rather the teams from Spain and England. The new season promises to bring a lot to the fans of football, and they can expect to see a lot more interesting matches.
What are the main advantages of Barcelona over the rivals?
Barcelona has a strong lineup, which is one of the main reasons for the team’s success. The club has a number of stars, which can be called the main leaders of Barcelona. Among the main stars of the club are:
· Lewandowski;
·2· Messi;
3· Suarez;
4· Busquets;
5· Rakitic;
6· Isco.
All these players can play in any of the lines of the team. This allows the club to have a good variety of options, which allows it to play at the highest level.
However, the main advantage of the Barcelona lineup is the fact that it is not very complicated. The lineup of the Catalan club is quite simple, which makes it possible for the players to show their maximum in each match.
Barcelonan lineup
The club has several lines, which are used for different purposes. For example, the line “3” is used for the defense, “4” for the attack, and “5” to play in the penalty area. The line ‘3’ is the most used, and there is a good chance that the team will be able not to lose points in matches against the main competitors of the championship.
One of the most important factors of the success of the Catalans is the motivation of the players. The leaders of Barça are not very demanding, and therefore they can be motivated by the success in the domestic championship. This is another reason for the club’ success.
Another advantage of Barcelona’ lineup is that it allows the team to play with a lot in each game. This helps the club in the struggle for gold medals.
How will the team look in the new season?
In order to find out how the team of Ernesto Valverde will look in a new season, we should look at the results of the previous ones. The previous season was quite successful for the Catalan team, but this time the club has some problems. The following reasons can be considered as the main problems of the current season:
1. Lack of motivation of leaders.
2. Lackadaisical play of the bench.
3. Inaccurate passing of the ball.
4. Bad teamwork.
5. Unstable lineup.
6. Poor game planning.
7. Failure to win matches.
It is clear that the club needs to improve the situation in order to be able compete for the gold medals in the future season. The first thing the team needs to do is to improve its lineup. This will allow the team not to be very dependent on one player, which will allow it to have the best lineup in the team and to play confidently in each of the matches. The second thing is to find a good goalkeeper, because this will allow to have an effective game.
You can always follow the development of the results in the results section of the website of sports statistics, where all the data is updated in real time.
Who will be the main favorite of the new campaign?
This season, the club will be very interesting to fans of La Liga, because it has a lot at stake. The Meringue can win the champion’ title, which would be the best result in the club’s history.
Real Madrid is the current champion of Spain. The Madrid team is the best in the Old and New Worlds.

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