Lionel Messi won’t say anything to Neymar

Lionel Messi won’t say anything to Neymar, the Brazilian

The Barcelona star has already said that he will not talk to the player about his future.
However, the situation is not so simple for the Brazilian. Lionel has a contract with the club, but he is not happy with the way he is treated.
The player is unhappy because the club does not give him a proper wage.
In the summer, the club paid Neymar almost €300 million, but the player has already refused to pay the money.
Lionelo has a clause in his contract that allows him to terminate it in case he does not receive a wage of at least €20 million.
This is why the club has been trying to find a way to get the money from the player.

The situation is complicated by the fact that the club is not the only one trying to get a large sum of money from Neymar.
Before the transfer, the player had a contract that would have cost the club more than the money he was going to get.
But the club did not want to pay that much, so it tried to get money from him.
Neymar’s representatives have already said they will not pay the amount, but they are not ready to give up.
They are trying to make a deal with the player, but this is not easy because the player is not interested in leaving Barcelona.
He is happy with his new club and will not give up the chance to win the Champions League.
Messi has already told the club that he wants to leave, but it is not yet clear how this will work out.
If the club wants to get rid of the player then it will have to give him the money that he is owed.
It is possible that the player will agree to this, but there are many other things that will have a lot to do with this.
There is a lot of talk about a transfer ban, which would be a good idea, but if the club really wants to win, then it should give the player the money and not talk about the transfer ban.
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The new season of the Champions league is here, and it promises to be very interesting.
Of course, the main thing is the fight for the title, but we also have to take into account the fact the main rival of Barcelona is Real Madrid.
Both teams are very strong, and they are capable of winning the title.
That is why it is so important for us to watch the matches of both teams.
We will do this, because the Championsleague is the best league in the world.
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The start of the new season is already a good opportunity to see the main contenders for the champion title. It is a good chance to see who will be the main favorite of the season.
Here, we will focus on the teams that are capable to fight for gold medals.
Real Madrid is the main contender for the victory in the ChampionsLeague.
Despite the fact it is a very young team, it has already managed to win several titles.
Now, it is the time for the main fight for a place in the final tournament.
Barcelona has been the main competitor of Real for several years now, but now the Catalans have a very good lineup.
Many of them are already in the top-5 of the most important tournaments.
Among the main favorites of the start of this season, we should also highlight:
* Manchester City;
* Juventus;
* Bayern;
* Atletico;
The main thing for the Catalons is to be able to play against the main competitors of the team.
Do not forget that Real Madrid is a young team that is still developing, so the main goal for the team is to win gold medals, but also to be the best in the league.
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The season of La Liga has already shown that the main goals of the teams are to win their places in the European cups.
At the start, it was not so easy for the teams to get into the top 4, because they had a lot problems with their matches.
For example, Atletico lost to Barcelona in the first round.
As a result, the Catalonians were kicked out of the tournament. This is the first time that the team has been kicked out in the domestic championship.
On the fscore website, you can always learn the latest information from the matches that are held in the Spanish championship.
In general, the teams have a good start of La liga, and the fight is on for the places in European cups and the champion’ title. The teams are not in the best shape, but you can still see that the fight will be very intense.
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The beginning of the championship is very important, because it is very difficult to get to the final stage.
Thanks to the live scores, you will be able not to miss anything important.
During the tournament, the fans can see the fight of the strongest teams, and you can follow the results of the matches on the fscore website.

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