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The English Premier League is one of the most important tournaments in the world. It is the main championship of the world and it is held every season. The English Premier league is divided into several divisions, which are named after the cities in which they are held. The top-rated league is the Premier League, which is the most prestigious and the most expensive.
There are a lot of factors that can affect the results of the teams in the Premier league. The most important of them are the following:
1. Individual skills of the players.
2. Lack of motivation of the team leaders.
3. Inaccurate passing.
4. Bad form of the leaders. It can be the case of:
* Sadio Mané;
* Josep Guardiola;
3 The number of injuries.
5. The failure of the main players. For example, the failure of Liverpool to score goals.
6. Unstable fixtures.
7. Disastrous results of games.
8. A lack of motivation.
9. Poor teamwork.
10. Inaccuracies of the opponents.
This list can be continued.

The Premier League has a lot to offer to fans. The competition in the championship is very high, and the teams have to play against each other for several rounds. This is why the games are very intense and exciting.
In the current season, the main favorites of the Premier tournament are:
· Chelsea;
· Liverpool;
1 Manchester City;
2 Arsenal;
4 Tottenham;
5 Man City; and
6 Liverpool.
Each of these teams has a very good lineup, which can be considered as a guarantee of a good result.
Fans can follow the lineups of the clubs in the English Premier tournament on the website of sports statistics. It offers the information about the teams, the schedule of the matches, and also the line-ups.
Football live scores: the main event of the season
The season of the English championship is in full swing. The main event is the fight for the champion title. The struggle for this title is very intense, and it will not be easy to win it.
At the moment, the fight is being held between:
• “Manchester City”;
• “Liverpool” and “Tottenham”.
Both teams have a good lineup and are ready to fight for gold medals.
“Manchester United” is not in the best shape of the last few seasons. The team has a number of problems, such as:
● Lackadaisical game;
● Inaccuracy of the passes;
” Manchester City’s lineup is not so good, too. The club has a good number of players, but they are not in good shape.
All the above factors can lead to the failure in the fight to the champion trophy.
Main contenders for the title
The main contenders for gold are: “Chelsea”, “United” “ Liverpool”, “City” and ”Tottenham.”
‘Chelsea’ is the team that has the best lineup. The lineup of the club is very balanced, which allows the coach to make the right decisions in each of the games. The coach has a great number of options for the line ups, which makes the game more interesting for the fans.
Among the main rivals of the “ Chelsea” are:
* “Arsenal” ;
*”Tranmere” (“Liverpool ”);
* Manchester United;
”Manchester City “;
and ”Liverpool’.
Of course, the ” Liverpool ” lineup is the best in the league. It has a balanced lineup, and each of its members has a chance to prove themselves. The “ City ” line-up is also very good. The players of the squad have a lot in common, and this is an important advantage.
However, the club has problems with the following factors:
’ Injuries;
‘ Unlucky results in matches;
“Manchester United” is not the best team in the current championship. The squad of the Red Devils is not very strong, and its lineup is very unstable.
It is also worth noting that the team has no good players in the attack line. The defense is not that strong either.
Therefore, the team will not have a chance in the long run.
You can follow their lineups on the sports statistics website. It provides the information not only about the matches of the championship, but also about the schedule and the line up of the competitors.
Live football scores: everything you need to know
The fight for a place in the Champions League is also in full force. The teams are trying to qualify for the next stage of the tournament, and they have to do their best in each match.
Every day, the football matches are held in the European arena. The championship of England is the strongest in the continent.

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