Most assists in a season in the Premier League after 9 matchdays (not including own goals)

Most assists in a season in the Premier League after 9 matchdays (not including own goals)

The season of the English Premier League has come to an end. This year, the competition was quite intense and there were many ups and downs. The main struggle of the season was the struggle for the champion title.
The top 4 contenders for the title were:
1. Manchester City – The Citizens were the best team in the league for a long time. They won the title twice, and the previous season they were the champion.
2. Liverpool – The Merseysiders were the main contender for the championship for a very long time, but they lost the title to Manchester City.
3. Chelsea – The Blues were the second best team for a few years, but this season they finally managed to win the champion trophy.
4. Tottenham – The Spurs were the team of the previous seasons, but now they are not the best.
This season, the main goal of the Spurs was to win at least the Europa League, so they did not have to play in the Champions League. However, they managed to finish in the top 4.

The main goal for the Citizens was to finish first in the standings, which they achieved. However they were not able to win any trophy. They managed to get the second place in the EPL, which is quite good, but the main achievement of the team was the fact that they managed not to lose the champion’s title. This is quite a feat for a team that had a lot of problems with injuries and other problems.
You can always find the results of the matches of the Premier league on the reliable resource. Here, you will find the latest information about the Premier leagues matches.
What to expect from the future season?
The upcoming season will be very interesting for fans. The top 4 teams are:
* Manchester City;
* Liverpool;
* Chelsea;
The Citizens are the main favorite of the championship, and they have a good chance to win it. However the main problem for the team is the lack of motivation. The team does not have a great coach, and it is not known whether the team will be able to perform well in the future.
Liverpool is the team that has a great chance to get into the Champions league. The Merseyiders are the team with the best chances of getting into the next stage of the tournament.
Chelsea is the main rival of the Citizens, but it is clear that the team has a lot to improve. The Blues have a number of problems, and this is reflected in the results.
However, the team still has a good opportunity to get to the next level. The following factors should help the team to get there:
· high level of individual skills of the players;
· individual skills and teamwork of the leaders;
· good selection of players in each of the lines.
In the future, the Merseysides will be one of the main contenders for winning the champion’s trophy. The club has a very good squad, and if the team can improve its individual skills, it will be a real contender for winning gold medals.
How to follow the results?
It is easy to follow all the results on the website of sports statistics. Here you can find the information about matches of different leagues of the world.
It should be noted that the English premier league is the most popular football tournament in the world, and in the near future the teams will try to win gold medals in the championship.
All the results are available to you in full, which makes it easy to keep abreast of the latest news.
Who will be the main favorites of the Champions Cup?
This year, many teams have a chance to qualify for the Champions cup, but only a few of them will be real contenders for it. The favorites of this year’ football tournament are: Manchester City, Chelsea, Tottenham, and Arsenal.
Manchester City is the best club in the country, and its success is due to the following factors:
• good selection in the team;
• high level and experience of the coach;
It was the Citizens who won the champion cup for the first time in the club’s history. The previous time, it was the team from Manchester United that won the cup.
Now, the Citizens have a very strong lineup, and many of its players are able to play at the same time. This allows the team not to waste energy on injuries.
Also, the coach of the club is very experienced, and he knows how to use the players in the most effective way.
If the Citizens are able not to win a trophy in the next season, then they will be considered the main outsiders of the competition.
Where to find the most detailed information about all the Champions cups?
In order to follow up the results, you should use the reliable source of information. Here the information is updated in real time, which allows you to be always aware of the changes in the tournament field.
For example, the results about the Champions tournament are available here. The information about it is updated every minute.
At the same website, you can always follow the latest data about the English championship. Here all the information on the Champions tournaments is available.
Team’ performance in the domestic championship
The team of Manchester City has a fairly good season.

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