Mourinho wants to continue at Manchester United

Jose Mourinho has been at the helm of Manchester United for a year, and the Portuguese has managed to achieve a lot. He has won the Champions League, won the English Premier League, and managed to get into the Champions Cup final.

However, Mourinho has not managed to win the Champions Trophy. The Portuguese failed to win a trophy at the club that he led for the last two seasons. Mourinho is a good coach, but he has not been able to show his best game for the team.
However the Portuguese still has a lot of chances to win trophies. The main problem is that the team is not in the best shape. The team is in the middle of the standings, which means that the players have to play more than they usually do.
The team needs to improve its results. The players have not been playing for a long time, which is another reason for the lack of results.
Also, the team needs some time to rest. The season is long, and it is difficult to find the right players for the long tournament distance.
Mourinhos chances of winning trophies
The Portuguese has a great chance to win many trophies. He managed to find a good lineup for the club, and he has managed not to lose points in every match.
He is able to decide the fate of the match in favor of the team by the number of goals scored. Mourinho also has a good selection of players, which allows him to choose the right lineup for each match. This is another advantage of the Portuguese.
In the current season, the Portuguese managed to strengthen the team, which allowed him to win several trophies.
It is not the only trophy that the Portuguese can win. He can win the Europa League, the Champions’ Cup, and many more.
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Manchester United’s chances of success in the Premier League
The current season of the English football championship is very interesting. The current season is the third in a row that the teams from the top division of English football have been in the Champions’ Cup.
This time, Manchester United managed to reach the final, and they lost to Liverpool. However, the defeat was not as bad as the previous two finals.
Before the match, Mourinho was able to motivate the team and give them a good game. The result of the game was not in his favor, but the Portuguese did not want to give up.
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Main competitors of the Red Devils
The main competitor of Manchester united is Liverpool. The two teams have a lot in common. The teams are located in the same league, have the same number of points, and are fighting for the same trophies. However Liverpool is much stronger than the Red devils.
Liverpool has a stronger lineup, which can be seen on the football field. The Reds have a good goalkeeper in Loris Karius. The German goalkeeper has a high level of skills, and his mistakes are punished with a penalty kick.
Many people consider Karius as the best goalkeeper in the world. He is also one of the best players in the league of England.
Another advantage of Liverpool is the fact that the club has a large number of players who can play in the attack. This allows the team to win matches and get the necessary points.
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Live Results of Manchester derby
The match of Manchester Manchester United and Liverpool was a great game of football. The match was held in the context of the Champions league, and this is one of its main competitions.
Despite the fact, that the Red and Blue have a similar number of victories, the Liverpool team has a higher level of performance.
During the game, the Reds had a good chance to score goals. The most important goal was scored by Mohamed Salah. The Egyptian forward scored a goal from the penalty spot, which was not allowed by the referee.
All the goals of the Reds were scored from the left side of the field. This allowed the team not to get the ball from the right side of their own net.
After the match was over, the fans of the club were pleased with the result of their team. They were not happy with the fact of the defeat, but they did not complain about the fact.
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Favorites of the season
The season of English championship is almost at its end. The Red devils have already won the title, but this is not enough for Mourinho.
Although, the main goal of the Mourinho is to win more trophies.

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