The 5 best goals of this week in Europe – Who scored the best goal?

The start of the new season in the Premier League has already brought a lot of interesting and unpredictable results. The main surprise of the season so far is the fact that Manchester United have not been the main contender for the title. The Red Devils have been rather disappointing, but the team has managed to keep its position in the top-4.
The first round of the championship was quite successful for the Red Devils. They managed to get into the top 4, and in the next round they managed to beat Chelsea. The Blues have been in the middle of the standings for quite some time now, but they have not managed to fight for the top position.
However, the season is not over yet, and the team is still capable of winning the title, so it is still possible that the Red devils will be able to fight at the top for a long time.

The Manchester United started the season quite confidently, and they managed not to lose points in the first rounds. The team is led by Jose Mourinho, who has already managed to win the title with the previous club.
In the first matches of the current season, the Red Devil’s performance was quite good. They were able to get a lot from the game, and even managed to score a few goals. The following season, it will be even more interesting to follow the team’ performance.
What to expect from the team in the near future?
In order to understand the results of the Manchester United in the upcoming matches, it is important to know the team’s current form. The season is still young, so the Red team has a lot to learn. However, the main thing is that the team will be ready to fight in the championship.
It is also worth noting that the club has a good bench, which allows the coach to rotate the players. This is a good way to improve the results and to get the maximum out of the team.
This season, Manchester United will be very active in the transfer market, so we can expect a lot in the coming seasons. The club has already started to make a lot, and it is quite possible that they will continue to do this.
Will the team be able win the Premier league?
This is a question that the fans and experts are constantly asking. The current season has already shown that the Manchester team is not as strong as it was thought. However this is not the only problem the team faces.
First of all, the team needs to improve its results in the domestic arena. It is not enough for the team to just win the championship, because it is not a guarantee that it will win the next one.
Moreover, the club needs to find a good balance between defense and attack. The defense is not very effective, and Mourinho has to find the best solution to solve this problem.
If the team does not manage to improve their results, it can be quite difficult to win a place in the Champions League zone. The squad is quite young, and many of them have not yet played in the main tournament.
Another problem is the lack of motivation. Many players have already won the Champions Cup, and now they want to win gold medals. However the team lacks a bit of motivation, which can affect its results.
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Who will be the main contenders for the gold medals?
It has become much easier to follow all the results from the world of the English Premier League. The competition in the English championship is quite intense, and this is reflected in the results. At the moment, the Manchester City is the main favorite of the tournament. The Citizens have a good lineup, and their game is quite simple.
Many people have already predicted that the Citizens will win all the tournaments that they enter. However they have a lot more problems than they have expected.
Firstly, the Citizens have not won the Premier title for several years now. They have won the FA Cup, but not the Champions. The previous season, they lost to Chelsea in the final, but this time they will not be able not to win.
Secondly, the City has a bad bench, and there is no one to replace the injured players. The last time the Citizens had this problem was in the previous season when they were not able to win any trophy.
Thirdly, the squad of the Citizens is quite old, and some of the players are already over 30. This will affect the results, because they will have to work harder to achieve the desired result.
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Manchester City’sthe main contender
The current season of the Premier is quite interesting for the fans. The City has already won a lot and is now in the leading position. However it is also possible that it can lose points at the beginning of the next season.
One of the main reasons for the loss of points is the bad bench. The players have not played for a few months, so they have to learn the game from the veterans.
There is no doubt that the City will be one of the favorites of the future season. It has a strong lineup, which will allow it to win all tournaments that it enters.

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