The most shocking moments from this weekend’s Premier League games

The start of the new season in the Premier League was a disaster for the Londoners. The teams were evenly matched, and the game ended with the score at 0-0. The final score was the following:
* Chelsea – 2:0;
* Arsenal – 1:1;
* Liverpool – 0:1.
The final score of the game was quite surprising, because the teams were not in the best shape.

The first half of the match was quite boring, because neither of the teams managed to score a goal. In the second half, the teams started to show a lot of attacking football, which was quite successful.
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3. Manchester United – 1-1 to Chelsea
The match between Manchester United and Chelsea was quite unexpected. The Red Devils started the game in the first half in the leading position, but the game turned out to be quite difficult for them.
In the first minutes of the second period, the Blues managed to get a goal, but it was scored by the United’s Lukaku.
At the end of the half, Lukaku scored his second goal of the season, and his team won the match.
However, the game did not end in the desired way for the Red Devils. The team was able to get two more goals in the last minutes of play, and managed to win the match, which is quite surprising for the fans.
4. Liverpool – 1 – 0 Tottenham
The game between Liverpool and Tottenham was quite interesting, because it was the first match of the Premier tournament for the Spurs. The Reds started the match in the second position, and they managed to gain a little bit of ground.
After the first period, Liverpool managed to make a goal in the middle of the field, and after that the team managed to increase its lead.
But the Spurs managed to counterattack, and scored a goal of their own. The game ended in a draw.
5. Manchester City – 1 – 0 Brighton
The second match of Pep Guardiola’s team was quite disappointing. The Citizens started the first round of the championship in the lead position, however, they lost the match against Brighton.
Despite the fact that the score was 1:0, the Citizens did not show a good game. The first half was quite difficult, because they were not able to create many scoring chances.
Moreover, the second goal was scored in the 90th minute of the first game.
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The new season of the English Premier League is almost over. The season has already ended, and now it is time to analyze the results.
This year, the Premier was very interesting, and it was very difficult to predict the final results. The main favorites of the tournament were:
1. Chelsea. The Blues won the Premier with the following score:
2. ManchesterCity. The club won the champion title with the same score.
These results were quite unexpected, because in the previous season, the team won with the scores of 4:0 and 3:2.
Also, the previous champion title was won by Liverpool.
Now, the main favorites are Manchester United, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, and Liverpool. However, there are many other teams in the tournament, and we will see who will be the main contenders for the title in the future.
Premier league table
The Premier league table is a list of the best teams in England. It is divided into four divisions, which are the English Championship, League One, League Two, and League Three.
Each season, there is a champion, which wins the most points. The champion title is won by the team that has the best record in the league table.
There are many reasons that led to the success of the champions. The most important is the following factors:
• high level of football;
• high level and quality of coaching;
· good teamwork.
It is also worth noting that the teams that are in the top positions in the table are able to play against each other in the Champions League. This is a chance for the teams to be able to show their skills and be ready for the fight for the most prestigious club trophy in the world.
Here, the clubs will have to fight against the following teams:
· Liverpool;
“Manchester City”;
”Manchester United”.
Every team has its own characteristics, and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.
Football results of all the competitions
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Of course, the most popular tournament is the Champions league, but other competitions are also very interesting.

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