Transfer News: Juventus eye Umtiti; Liverpool to make second Sakho offer …

Transfer News: Juventus eye Umtiti; Liverpool to make second Sakho offer…
The transfer window is now in full swing, and it is now possible to follow the latest news from the world of the leading clubs.
The latest news about the transfer market is available on the sports statistics website, where the information is updated in real time.
This season, the transfer window has become more and more popular, and the number of transfers is increasing significantly.
Among the most interesting transfers are:
* Juventus;
* Manchester United;
* Liverpool;
* Borussia Dortmund;

* Tottenham;
2. Chelsea;
3. Manchester City;
4. Arsenal;
5. Manchester United.

The most successful clubs in the current season are: Juventus, Manchester United, Liverpool, Barcelona, Chelsea, and Tottenham.
In the last season, Juventus won the Scudetto, the Champions League, and won the Europa League.
You can follow the news on the website of sports statistics, where you can find the latest information from the sports world.
It is now much easier to follow all the latest transfers.
Juventus’ Transfer Strategy
In summer, the Bianco Neri had a lot of transfers, and they were not the only ones.
However, the main thing is that the club has now become much stronger and has a good chance to win the Champions league.
Of course, the club will need to buy a lot, but it is not impossible to achieve this goal.
One of the main reasons for the success of the team is the excellent teamwork.
Moreover, the coach of the club, Antonio Conte, has a great experience in the transfer.
He managed to buy players such as:
· “Lampredi”;
· “Kepa”.
Also, he managed to get “Bianco”, “Vidic” and “Mancini” for the club.
Conte has managed to strengthen the club in such a way that it is able to fight for the title.
For this reason, the fans of the Bianconeri are very happy with the recent transfers. However, the team still has a lot to do, and we will see if the club can achieve the desired results.
Manchester United’s Transfer Strategy
In August, the Red Devils also had a good transfer campaign.
They managed to make a number of acquisitions, and this is another proof that the team has a bright future.
As for the main acquisition, it is “Sakho” from “Manchester United.”
The Portuguese player is a great defender, and he will be able to help the team in the defensive line.
Another acquisition of the Red devils is ” Varese “, who is a midfielder.
“Varese” is a young player who has already managed to score several goals for the team.
Now, the “United” have a good squad, and you can follow its transfers on the site of sports statistical.
Liverpool’ transfer strategy
Liverpool is another club that has managed a successful transfer campaign in summer.
During the summer, Liverpool managed to sign “Daniëlle Kenney” as a midfielder, as well as “Fernandes” on loan.
Both players are young players, and Liverpool has a high chance to achieve a good result in the season.
At the moment, the Reds are in the middle of the standings, but they are still far from the Champions Cup zone.
If the team manages to win this tournament, it will be another great achievement for the Reds.
Together with the website, you can always find the most detailed information about the team and its achievements.
Borussia Dortmund’ transfers
Bundesliga is a tournament that is very important for the clubs in Germany, and Dortmund is one of the most successful teams.
After the summer break, the German club managed to bring several players to the team, and now it looks really good.
First of all, it’ s “Taufkicker” who is now playing for the Bumblebees.
Taufiq is a talented midfielder, and his arrival will help the club to get closer to the Champions cup zone. Also, the Bumbles have managed to acquire:
1. Eder;
2. ‘Bastian’;
3. Naby Keïta;
4. Kante.
These players will help to strengthen “Bayern” in the next season. Now, the Dortmund team is in the Champions play zone, and if it manages to get into the top 4, it can be considered as one of Germany’ best clubs. However this is still a long way to go, and in the near future, the players will have to fight against the teams from the lower divisions.
Follow the news about Dortmund and other teams on the official website of the sports statistical, where all the information about them is updated live.

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