Weekly review of the most interesting transfers and rumours in the football world

The transfer window is now open, which means that we can expect to see a lot of interesting transfers. The main transfer rumours concern the following teams:
* Manchester United;
* Liverpool;
* Arsenal;
* Chelsea;

It is also worth noting that the main transfer rumors concern the transfers of the top clubs of the Premier League. This is not surprising, because the main transfers of this season have been made by the teams that are in the top three of the standings.
The transfers of Manchester United
The main transfer of Manchester Unites is the signing of Anthony Martial. The Portuguese player has a contract with the team until the summer of 2021. The transfer of Martial is a good opportunity for the club to strengthen the defense, and it is also a good chance for the team to get a good replacement for the injured Phil Jones.

The signing of Martial also has an impact on the performance of the team. The team is now stronger than it was before the signing, and this can be seen in the fact that the team is able to fight for the first place in the standings, which is very important for the fans.
In the transfer market, it is worth noting the fact the Manchester United is not the only team that has signed a new player. The following teams have also signed new players:
• Liverpool; and
• Tottenham Hotspur.
It should be noted that the transfer of Sterling is a surprise for many fans, because it is not a player that the club has been looking for for a long time. The club has already signed the player for a very small amount of money, but the player is not really a star player, and the club will have to pay a lot for him.
However, the signing is a great opportunity for Manchester United, because now the team has a good selection of players.
Manchester United’s transfers in the summer
The summer transfer window has already brought a lot to the club, and now the club is in a good shape. The transfers of Anthony are a good example of this. The player is a very good footballer, and he can be a good addition to the team, but he has a long contract, so the club can not afford to make a mistake.
Liverpool is also in a great shape, because in the transfer window the club managed to sign several players, and they are ready to help the team in the future. Among the new players that the Reds have signed are:
· Mohamed Salah;
·; Sadio Mane;
• Mohamed Salim.
These players will help the club in the long run, because they have already shown that they can be very useful for the Reds.
Chelsea’ transfers in summer
In summer, the club also managed to make some transfers. Among them are:

* Lukaku;
• Eden Hazard;
· Tammy Abraham;
These transfers will help Chelsea in the near future. The signing of Tammy is a big surprise for the Chelsea fans, who expected to see the signing a new star player.
Chelsea’ transfer market in summer 2018
The club has a lot in the market, and many players are ready for the future, and can help the Blues in the fight for gold medals. The summer transfer market is very active, and Chelsea is one of the main contenders for the title. The new season of the club begins, and we can see whether the team will be able to defend its title.
Main transfer rumors of the season
The team is in the middle of the championship, and there is a lot that can be done to improve the results of the players. The first games of the new season will show us whether the players of the Blues will be ready to fight until the last round, or whether they will be tired of this and want to leave the club.
There are a lot transfer rumors, and these transfers will affect the results in the championship. The most important transfer of the summer is the one that concerns the main club of the English Premier League, Manchester United. The United management has signed the Portuguese player, Anthony Martial, who has a very long contract.
Anthony is a player who can be useful for Manchester City, because he has already shown his capabilities in the English Championship. The English Premier league is a competition that is very difficult, and Manchester United has a chance to win the title this year.
After the signing the club management is confident that the player will help them in the next season. The Manchester United management is trying to strengthen its defense, because this is very necessary for the defense of the title, and for this the club needs to strengthen it.
This summer, Manchester City has also managed a lot, and in the team there are a number of players who can help in the defense. The City is now a team that can fight for a place in a top-4, and if the team manages to get into the top-3, it will be very difficult to get out of it. The upcoming season will be extremely important for this team, because if it manages to win gold medals, it can become one of those teams that can challenge the top teams for the championship title.

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