Who is better – Messi or Maradona?

The Argentine football player Lionel Messi has already become the best player in the world. He is the best in the history of the game. The Argentine is the main contender for the title of the best football player of all time.
However, there is a serious problem with Messi. He has lost his motivation. He does not want to win the gold medals, he just wants to win gold medals. This is the reason why he does not play the best matches.
The same applies to Maradon. He also does not like to win, but he is the top scorer of the world, and he is a top player in his own right.

The main question is: which player is better?
The answer is:
1. Messi.
2. Maradonna.
3. Ronaldo.
It is impossible to answer this question without considering the context. The main thing is that the game of the Argentine is developing at a rapid pace. This means that the time is passing when he will become the main star of the team.
This is the time when the fans will be able to watch the game in full.
Who is the Best Player of the World?
Lionel Messi
The best player of the entire world is the Argentine Lionel Messi. The reason for this is simple: he is motivated.
He is not the best of the football players, but the best. The best football players are not always the best players in the team, but Messi is the most complete player in every respect.
Messi is the leader of the national team, and this is the only reason for the fact that he is considered the best footballer of the whole world.
If you look at the top players of the current season, you can see that they are not motivated. They are not playing the best games. This applies to:
* Ronaldo;
* Zidane;
* Messi.

They are not the most motivated football players. The motivation of Messi is very high. He wants to achieve the best result.
Lions and Messi
It was not long ago that the Argentine football players were in a difficult situation. They were in the Champions League, and the main competitor of the club was the English club Liverpool.
Liverpool was a great club, and it was a real challenge for the Argentine players to fight against them.
In the first round, the team of Messi and Ronaldo defeated the Liverpool team. This was the first victory in the club tournament.
At the end of the season, the club won the Champions Cup. This victory was the best performance of the year.
After this, the Argentine team was in a very difficult situation, because it was not only Liverpool, but also Real Madrid, and many other clubs were interested in signing the players.
Now, the situation has changed. Now, the main competitors of the Argentines are the French teams. This has led to a great success for the team in the international arena.
You can follow the development of the situation in the English Premier League on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will find the latest news from the world of the English football.
Football News in the Current Season
The current season is very interesting for the fans. The English Premier league has a lot of interesting matches. There are many interesting matches in the current campaign.
One of the most interesting matches is the match between Manchester United and Chelsea. The team of Jose Mourinho and Josep Guardiola was very strong in the previous season, but this time it is much more difficult to win.
United has a very good squad, but it is not enough for the victory in such a match.
Manchester United has a good selection of players. This allows the team to play well and win matches. However, the opponent has a great number of attacking players. They have the best performers in the Premier league, and they are able to make a lot in a match, but they are tired.
Chelsea has a similar situation. The opponent is very strong, and if the team has a bad match, it can be the end.
English Premier league table
The English Premier championship is the strongest in the entire continent. The table of the standings shows the results of the matches of the teams.
There are many teams in the championship, and each of them has a strong and a weak side. The strongest team is Manchester United. This team has many stars, and their performance in the matches is very good.
Also, the other teams have a good performance. Liverpool is the second best team. The Reds have a great selection of football players and are able not only to win matches, but to show a good game in the whole tournament. The teams from the top-3 are:
• Manchester United;
• Liverpool;
• Chelsea.
These teams are the main contenders for the champion title.
What is the future of the Champions league?
After the victory of the Manchester United in the match against Chelsea, the future looks very bright for the English team. They will be the main favorites of the tournament. However it is still unclear whether the team will be in the final stage of the championship.
All the teams have their problems. The current season has shown that the team from Manchester United is not in a good shape.

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